TFGM Activities

Alternative Rite of Passage for Girls popularly known as Christian Rite of Passage (CROP)

The project has created culturally sensitive and informed Alternative Modern and Christian Rites of passage where girls are equipped with intense experience and education. This is coupled with knowledge and skills on how to gracefully transit from childhood to adulthood, as modern Christians in their respective ethnic communities. It is expected that these young people will in turn reach thousands more in their communities so as to totally root out FGM and its harmful effects.

The Christian Rites of Passage, (CROP) are organized and financed by the TFGM project where girls, who are potential victims of FGM are taken through an eight days program and are taught Christian values, as well as child development issues like sexuality, morality, hygiene, STDs, HIV and Aids prevention. This program has so far seen over 20,000 girls transit from childhood to adulthood and to a higher extent has contributed to the reduction of FGM practice in Eastern Africa in general and Kenya in particular.

Training of opinion leaders from the whole country to campaign for alternative Rite of Passage and the eradication of FGM.

These opinion leaders include teachers, chiefs, and village elders and they are highly regarded and respected in making decisions pertaining the day to day life of the local community.

Sensitization seminars for school-going pupils, both boys and girls, the youths, women, and men

These are one-day seminars aimed at creating awareness on the dangers of FGM to the whole community by reaching each member at a time.

Producing and translating materials for the field campaign

In the past 17 years, TFGM specifically provided interventions aimed at supporting women’s enjoyment of human rights and dignity by saving them from the cut. With its arms at policy and implementation levels, Loreto Sisters’ TFGM has contributed to the enactment of crucial policy documents that have contributed to progress achieved so far. The project has developed the following tools for TFGM educational campaign.